Kalyani Shakti Devi

Photography by Dominique Cognee

Theta Healing Practioner~ DNA Levels 1 & 2
Theta Healing Instructor 

Red Tent Temple Gathering Priestess & Facilitator

Fat Chance Belly Dance Sister Studio & Teacher

Healing Body Worker  / Licensed /Certified Massage Therapist

Reiki Master~Teacher

Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga Instructor & Facilitator

Vinyasa, Hatha, Raja, Power & BUTI Yoga Instructor

Living the Dance of Life in


When I honor the Divine Love and Light within me,

and You honor the Divine Love and Light within You,

We Are ONE.

of the

Oh, Great Mother, Divine Feminine, Birther of the Cosmos,
Lover unto Spirit, Creatrix of all matter and
Queen of all worlds within worlds
 and those without, we call you to us in this hour.

We are your children; hear our call.

We are the daughters and sons of your divine union,
the flesh of your passion for life.  You, who lay with Spirit, our Father,
in the beginning of time, and brought us forth
from the blessed union of Spirit and Matter, we are your children,
the sons and daughters of your flesh and your heart, and we remember
your touch and the fragrance of your essence,
and we long for You.

Come to our hearts and gift us the remembering.
Come to our minds and open our genius.
Enlighten us with your presence.

Draw back the veils that we might see, and harken
the doors to open, that beauty and ecstasy may live in
our homes and hearts more fully.

This is our hour of greatest need. 
We call you through
Fire and Water, through Earth and Wind,
through all that bears your name.
We call All your lineages and All Your names.

Come unto us.
Come into us.
So Be It.

~Judi Sion from "The Magdalen Manuscript"

So Mote It Be
And So It Is!

There are No Mistakes. 

YOU Are on this page for a reason......
  MY chosen mission in Life is to be who I was born to be an Awakened One,
an example, a guide, a teacher, a friend.  I finally woke up, and saw the Light,

The Light I Am.

And since then, I want to share that Light with You, to assist You in remembering,

You Are that Light.

We are Love, Beautiful, Strong, and capable of Everything We Dream of.

Are you ready to take off Your Mask?

Are you ready to Dance, See, Speak, Feel and Be Your Truth?

What is your Illusion?

Do you keep attracting the same relationships?

Are you hiding behind a mask of Fear?

Are you in a depression, feel like there is No Way Out?

Are you tired of living life with no Passion?

Do you feel stuck, in your internal chaos & drama?

Is your Life full of drama?

Are you fulfilling your Dreams?

Do you have a hard time saying "NO" and then feel resentment?

Do you know what You Want from this life?.....

Are You Ready to Dance....Your Dance ?

Let's Dance Together this Dance of Life,

The Lila!

Wake up!

Come and Play.....

step into your Passion, Joy, Fulfillment, Peace and Truth......

Be who You truly are!

An Empowered Being



Your Fulfillment Incarnated...