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Let's DANCE!

ATS~ American Tribal Style BELLY DANCE
as created by Carolena Nericcio, director & founder of
 Fat Chance Belly Dance in San Francisco, California

KaliShakti is a Fat Chance Belly Dance Sister Studio
*Certified ATS Belly Dance Instructor by Carolena Nericcio
*Certified Hatha/Raja, Power & Tantra Yoga Instructor
*AFAA Certified Group Instructor & Fitness Personal Trainer
*Reiki Master
*Theta Healing Practitioner
*Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist

She is able to bring all of her skills, knowledge & experience
as a teacher, facilitator, body worker and student to your dance experience
enriching you on all levels including the physical, emotional, & spiritual.

You will learn & experience the pure ATS Belly Dance
format of teaching, and performance.

For Class Information please contact
KaliShakti @ (707) 775-7953
or email:

Testimonials from students and dance sisters...

Wise, patient, compassionate, humble..these are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of my teacher, mentor and friend, Kali Shakti. She is committed to providing dedication and excellency to each and every one of her students and or troupe members. As a teacher, she has been my rock, my foundation. As a sister in dance, she has stood beside me with constant encouragement and support.
She is unique, diverse, and gracious in all of her movement. Her ability to teach is as great as her talent in the art of performance. It is rare that you will find so much wholeness, knowledge, and beauty all in one person. Kali Shakti is a blessing to this earth and I am deeply honored have not only studied under her, but have been able to dance beside her.

Luna Moon

Arcata, California 2011

For Women ~ Monthly


Red Tent Temple Gatherings for WOMEN....
Returning to our innate Sisterhood of Women...

...Open to ALL WOMEN

Love Donations: $10-$15
**funds go to the payment of venue provided so we can continue
holding this sacred space on a monthly basis
**Will Not turn You away for Lack of Funds**

  Temple Mama: KaliShakti Khandro

For more info please contact:
KaliShakti @ 707-775-7953 or

A Sanctuary of Love, Acceptance, Joy and Peace awaits You, dear Sister...

Come and Allow Yourself to just BE...
Be Loved
Be Nurtured
Be Accepted
Be Embraced
Be Heard
Be Held
Be Witnessed
Be Rejoiced
Be Fulfilled
Be Vulnerable

A Safe, Sacred and Loving Space for Women Every Month...
Celebrating and Honoring our Moon Cycles, Our Strengths,
Supporting each other in ALL the transitions of Life...


Love Donations: $10-$15
**funds go to the payment of venue provided so we can continue
holding this sacred space on a monthly basis
**Will Not turn You away for Lack of Funds**


****We invite You.... if you feel moved to be a part of this Collective Creation of our Red Tent Temple to bring all
RED items: will all be returned after gathering...
* red fabric
* red pillows
* sacred items for the altar
* red tapestries
* red carpets or rugs
* Red veils
* red, red, red...Color of Power, Strength, Courage our Blood Mysteries...our Life Force...

"The Red Tent Temple Movement is........
a way for women to take our inner momentum, that feeling like the time is now and come forward with everything we are as women and give us a place to incubate, dream, slow down, and not have an agenda or plan. And simutaneously much is waiting for us in this not knowing place but we need to make time for the empty space. It is also not only empty space but woman space where we can share stories, laughter, songs, food and honor our unique cycles that we experience each month in our bleeding time and in our going through perimenopause and menopause.

We are looking for another way, a way that is more consistent with our actual rhythms, cycles and ways of being in relationship to each other that support, foster and give us strength and courage. Here in the Red Tent we can journal, rest, receive or give energy work, draw, read, share or listen to women’s wisdoms in the stories we share. We cook one another food and drink teas for our wombs and bellies.

It is a day out of the month on or near the new moon to step out of a kind of world that keeps us occupied. Inside the Red Tent Temples we give ourselves time to remember who we are at our very core, honoring that to do that remembering we must turn from our identities and roles towards the innermost temple of our own hearts. Come into the Red Tent Temple and stop for a breath and to be in your body. In the quiet and sometimes celebratory company of wonderful women, feel. In what you feel, there is much that is waiting for you.

It is time. The women are ready to co-create a vision in the societies we live in and make a place among us where women are honored by honoring our own unique journeys of womanhood. A place for our elders and our young women. A place for us to come alive. Who knows where it will lead us? Women who are part of this important grassroots movement may never know what an important role they will play by bringing this into our culture at large. Now we are learning how. Join us in a revolutionary act. It is more than a woman's circle. It is a deep learning process of unlearning the busy and finding the moment.

The movement is growing among us month by month.

For more info please visit:

We are a part of this global~world wide movement!

Join Us in Sacredness Stepping into our Power
The Divine Feminine



Evening Classes

For more info. please contact us:
Please visit:     for more info

For more info. on prices and Booking a
Belly Dance Show, Baby Showers, Bachelorette Parties
and/or Goddess Belly Dance Parties

Please call KaliShakti @
cell: (707)775-7953 or

Honor the Goddess WithIn....

Imagine....& Remember...
how the sway of woman's hips created a rhythm like no other,
connecting with other women learning the Language of the Tribe's Dance...

Experience the Magic of this style of bellydance:
Learn how to dance with other beautiful women within
a body language vocabulary like no other.

American Tribal Style Belly Dance
w/ KaliShakti

Connect with Your Inner Goddess!

Femininity and Strength

Learn how to bring Her out....
with Ease and Grace

in a structured yet Fun class, connecting with the
 sisterhood, body language vocabulary in this dance.

ATS BellyDance
Basics ~Drill &Fundamentals

60 minutes class

    $12 drop in fee
Inquire about Monthly Class Cards

     Drop-ins are Welcome

All levels Welcome 

    Learn to dance by drilling the basics in fun combinations. Using both slow movements and fast steps we'll get you dancing in your first class! All basic movements and group formations in an 8 wk. cycle:  including posture and body awareness, zils and music. You are welcome to drop-in on this class after the course has started as we have plenty of review built into each class. Intro to partner and group dancing. However, you must arrive 10-15 minutes to class start.

    *Best class for beginners.

    Dress for ATS Belly dance classes: Full skirt or loose pants, hip scarf, short top or leotard (just wear something comfortable). Bare feet or dance shoes only in dance studio. You will need a pair of zils (finger cymbals).

Tribal Combinations (Level 2)

    60 minutes class

    $12 drop in Fee
Monthly Class Cards

    drop-ins are Welcome, must have experience in Dance Fundamentals Level 1 (above)

    Refine individual technique by drilling basic stops and their variations in creative combinations. Although open to all levels, this class is best used simultaneously with Dance Fundamentals as there are no descriptions of the basic steps. To take this class you must understand partner and group dancing (Level One, above.) 12 week cycle.

    *This class is the next step after Fundamentals.


    Dress for ATS Belly dance classes: Full skirt or loose pants, hip scarf, short top or leotard (just wear something comfortable). Bare feet or dance shoes only in dance studio. You will need a pair of zils (finger cymbals). You can purchase at the studio or bring your own.


Embrace Your Inner Goddess...

Strength, Femininity, Fierce~Will Power,
Sensuality, Pleasure, Silliness, Fun~Loving, Magic,
Wisdom, Power and Love

Private Classes w/ KaliShakti

Sessions are customized for your needs.....
For more info on pricing and scheduling
please contact KaliShakti
or call @ (707)775-7953

ATS~American Tribal Style Belly Dance

Hatha Flow Yoga

Power Yoga

BUTI  Yoga

Goddess Parties/PlayShops

Live like the Goddess You were born to Be!!