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Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga

About my spirit-given name:

Kali is the Goddess-Mother, Destroyer of Illusion.  She destroys the Ego(everything that is

fear-based in

us), in the energy of Love, unconditional love. You have to face your deepest seeded fears when

when Her

energy is upon you. Kali also means the dark before creation, the darkness in the void.

When in our mother's womb it was dark, safe, and nourishing, we felt and knew our Oneness with

All That


But once born the veil of forgetfulness and separation came upon us. We forgot we are One with the

Creator, with the Mother.  It's time to remember and step into OUR POWER, of Heart, Love,

Peace, Bliss,

Infinite Abundance and Prosperity.

Shakti is the Divine Feminine.  The Feminine Creative Power of Existence: it is movement,

dynamic, the chaos before the void. Shakti energy is manifestation itself.

The type of manifestation is up to you.

Are you willing to Face your deepest fears and walk through the doorway of Truth, to reach Bliss?

Or will you stay in your comfort zone of dysfunction, illusion, disempowerment and fear?

The Choice is Ultimately Yours.

Remember who you truly are.....