Theta Healing

Is one of the most powerful tools to Heal your whole life. 
It is an empowering system to Create your Life the way you want it To Be as the Creator of your destiny and life.

Healing occurs on all levels:
1Core Level:  represents this life time's beliefs, trauma, experiences, fears
2.Historic Level: past life: fears, trauma, experiences that create present life issues
3.Genetic Level: everything you inherited from your ancestral lineage,through the bloodstream of your parents, DNA, including all fears, beliefs, experiences, trauma and physical manifestation of it
4.Soul Level: when the issues are so deeply seeded, they reach this level

Our limiting belief systems keep us in poverty-consciousness, fear,dysfunction, illness, chaos, lonliness and drama.  Removing limiting beliefs and fears Clear the energy patterns we hold to Welcome Prosperity, Abundance, Peace, Excellent Health, Joy, Bliss and Fulfillment.

Theta Healing also opens the door way to:

*Connecting to your Guides, Angels, Past loved ones
*Chakra Clearing,Balance & Charging
*Medical Intuitive Body Scanning for illness & disorders
*Healing and Clearing Mental disorders
*Healing you Children's behavior
*Healing your Pets behavior and/or on any other level
*Removal of entities, wayward spirits, possessions, "negative energy you may be carrying", that keep you "stuck", depleted and/or sick
*Location/Space Energy Clearing : business, homes, any location
*Balancing Brain Chemicals, Hormones
*Healing Addictions

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I want to give a BIG shoutout to my friend KaliShakti Khandro!
I was honored to speak with her a couple of hours today and she did Theta Healing with me over the phone, and it was an INCREDIBLE experience! I HIGHLY recommend this to bring healing, love and light into your life. Kali worked at my gym many years ago doing massage, belly dancing, Reiki, Theta,and she is such a DYNAMIC individual that is out there Healing the World one day at a time. Thank you so much Kali for just being you, and spreading the love:-)

Lisa Dwoskin
Hollywood, FL

Kali Shakti is an amazing facilitator and mama of Theta-Healing. In One hour we touched on just about everything I could think of that was presently affecting my life detrimentally! We covered limited beliefs in areas of emotional imbalance, mental distress and physical agitations. The safe and calm container she created allowed me to drop right into these deep dwelling forces that have limited me for so long, we journeyed through forgiving ancestral karma and relieving past life vows as well as contracts with souls that have been limiting my ability to move forward.  Through the session Kali was able to intuit and read exactly where I needed to go in my current healing process.  I had absolutely no expectations but all of my heartfelt desires were met with grace!

El Cerrito, California 2014

I wish you every success because you are a gifted healer and I have been blessed to receive your work. I don't give endorsements like that lightly. As a fellow therapist with close to 20 years of experience under my belt I have had quite a few hands touch my body over the years in doing trades and I can attest to your skills, along with a whole lot of heart that you bring to your work.
Love you, mamita.
Go do you, mama and do you well.

Shannon Elsom
Sebastopol, CA 2014

I still marvel at the tip of my finger that I machete-ed off, you did Reiki
and there's not even a scar! amazing!
Diana Law
Des Moines, Washington 2014

I will always remember your guidance through THETA. you are truly gifted.

Tara Shea
Eugene, Oregon 2014

Wishing you lots of success, you are very good at what you do, your massages are absolutely amazing, would definitely bring work your way.
Dominique Cognee
Grass Valley, CA 2014

I can attest to the healing powers of this remarkable shakti power that Kali brings!!!!! I have not known a healer that can make such profound changes in my body in such a short period... changes of injuries that were supposed to be permanent!!!
Wahe Guru!

Anandha Ray
Concord, CA 2014

I will totally vouch for Kali!
Having recently had work done on my poor neck/back, her intuition was so spot on that I'm
 definitely going to continue having her be an ongoing source for my healing needs!

Berkely, CA 2014

Knowing KaliShakti has been a wonderful experience. 
From the first day I met her we just clicked, it felt
like I've known her forever! She is full of love and
very caring of others. She can help you with any
situation you may have in your life, from the bully
at work, to your love life.
Kali has never lead me wrong, and has always given
me great advice, like the best sister you could ever
My first experience with Theta Healing was amazing. Of
course at first your ego mind is resistant or even
skeptical, but when you open yourself to the idea, it
brings great benefits.
My first session blew me away! Listening to Kali
Saying and then Removing beliefs
that only I knew, and had never told anyone before was
amazing. It was very emotional yet revitalizing. I
could actually feel when she was remove them
energetically and the downloads of new wisdom. The key
to this though is to remain positive and use the
"free will" to make new choices with the new wisdom.
What I mean is, when that old thought pops in your head
you say to yourself, "No, everything is fine", or
whatever the case may be. IT is extremely beneficial
and I would recommend this to everyone! Since my first
session, I have returned to her many times, for issues
that were unresolved and always have had amazing results.

KaliShakti is the best, and I would say to everyone,
"Give her a chance to help you, you'll never regret it!"
You will fall in love with her and Theta Healing!

Amanda Sylvati, 2009
Palm Beach County, Florida

You can visit
and search for "Theta Healing" for more information and video clips

Reiki Healing and Instruction (Level 1,2,3-Master Level)

Universal Life Force Healing energy. 

Reiki is Unconditional Love energy that heals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

Every human being on the planet is born with this ability, but we forgot how. 

Reiki Healing will gently calm the emotions and give you a sense of Peace and Calm on all levels. 

It can transform your life.

Reiki Instruction is available for everyone who wants to empower themselves.

Reiki 1,2,& 3(Master Level-to be able to teach and pass attunements)

For an appointment or more info.on classes or Healing cirlces call: 707-775-7953 or

Healing Massage Therapy

Theta Healing, Crystal Bowl Healing or Reiki can be blended with Massage.
Massage therapy will boost your immune system, allow you to sleep better, calm your mind, & give your body an opportunity to heal itself with it's own innate intelligence.
Treat yourself to a massage in the pleasure of your own home and environment, and/or a visit my Healing Room.

Types of Massage:
*Deep Tissue
*Pre & Post Natal Massage (Pregnancy Massage)
*Reiki Massage
*Crystal Singing Bowl/Sound Therapy w/ Massage of your choice
*Lymphatic Drainage

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Instruction of all classes, can take place in the comfort of your own home, custumized to meet your needs.  Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced students Welcome.

Guided Healing Meditation

Hatha Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Sivananda Yoga

Power Yoga

Tantra Kriya Yoga

American Tribal Style Belly Dance


Sister Studio

ATS BellyDance classes Level 1 & 2

Trance Yoga  Sacred Dance

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Goddess Parties

Spa Playshops

A celebration  where women bask in their

Femininity for all life's transitions ~

Rites of Passage Celebration

Bridal Showers

Baby Showers

Divorce Party


20th,30th,40th,50th 60th Birthdays....

  Teen Goddess Birthday Celebrations

Little Goddess Celebrations
(ages 7-12)

We can celebrate with Dance, Bellydance  and/or Yoga, Goddess Declarations, Letting go of the Old--Bringing in the New, Powerful Healing Affirmations, practicing the power of Creation, connecting to your innocence, Henna Tattooing, Glitter make-up, Spa treatments, Foot/Reflexology massage, meditation and so much more....



 The Goddess WithIn.....
YOU Deserve It!

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