"I am magic
Magic is in my blood
My blood is HERS
She is my Mother
Mother I Surrender to your will
Your will is my command
My command is my Dance
My Dance is SHE
I love you in my dance
I love you in my death
I love you in my blood
May only You be felt in my every breath
May only You be heard in my voice
May only You BE My Dance"

KaliShakti Khandro

I was born on January 30, 1970, an Aquarius, in El Salvador, Central America...Mayan by descent.  My birth given name was Karen Zoraida Carranza. I am the oldest of 4, raised by a single mother.  At the age of 7, my parents got divorced and experienced my first loss, the relationship with my father.

Early on I realized the passion of my life was Dance.  But dance in college had lost it's flavor, it's spark of passion. College and dance schools were  a disappointment, due to the fact that everything was so Ego driven. The intellect, the mind, knowledge and technique were valued. Although they are important it is not the end all. Following my heart and just dancing to dance was not good enough.

We all have a story, and have all experienced some type of loss, disappointment, etc.......the question is do we choose to hold on to that story of the past or do we move forward from our self-created limitations?

At the age of 28, I really started questioning everything.  What is my purpose? Why am I here? Where did I really come from? Who am I? ........an Awakening began.

As I awakened to my gifts and the truth of existence, I became a certified Fitness Professional, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Hatha/Raja Yoga and Meditation Instructor.  And even though I started discovering hidden truths about my personality, my soul's existence and universal truths, I was still stuck in my drama and chaos of fears.....

When the student is ready the teacher appears.....

The two most powerful teachers/tools  for me, have been:

Theta Healing


Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga

Theta Healing was founded Vianna Stibal. She received an instantaneous healing of cancer from the Creator of All That Is.  Theta Healing is based on removing Limiting Belief systems/patterns that keep us stuck in our drama and chaos, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. By accessing the Theta Brain wave the practitioner connects with the Creator of All That is and commands and witnesses the healing. 

Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga was founded by Bodhi Avinasha.  This path is a blend of Babaji Nagaraj's Tantra Kriya Yoga and Osho Rajneesh's "Celebration of Life".  The foundation of this practice is the powerful Cosmic Cobra Breath, an accelerated path to higher consciousness, by transmuting sexual energy and returning to being Heart-centered in the Present moment.

I have chosen to dedicate my life to manifesting  Joy, Peace and Infinite Prosperity through facilitating Tantra Kriya Yoga classes and workshops, Healing Drum Therapy classes, Qi Gong classes, & Healing Circles and so much more in the North Bay area of Santa Rosa, Sebastapol, California.

I will never be the same again. The veil of illusion is on it's way out.  I have taken full responsibility for my life with all of it's up and downs.  I realize I am the Creator of my world, life and universe.  One day at a time, one moment at a time I am realizing all of my dreams, using all of my talents and gifts to Love fully, have Fun, Play with innocence, Live my life fully in Joy, Passion, Peace and Infinite Abundance. 

My chosen mission is to awaken to my full potential in every aspect of my life and to share this joy, knowledge and way of being with anyone who is ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

I am truly blessed to be here on this beautiful planet, Mother Earth in this time of the Grand Awakening, the Age of Aquarius.

Kalishakti's Background:

Licensed Massage Therapist since 1995

Certified Fitness Group Instr. & Trainer since 1994

Certified Hatha~Raja Yoga since 2000

Reiki Master Teacher since 2000

Facilitator of  Belly Dance Workshops & Classes since 2000

Facilitator of  S.A.G.E. Women Circles since 2005

Certified Theta Healing Practitioner since 2006

Certified Supreme Science Qi Gong Teacher since 2009

Certified Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga Facilitator since 2010

Certified  ATS~ American Tribal Style BellyDance Teacher since 2010




Dear Kali,
After receiving my massage/reiki from you day before yesterday, I woke up this morning and my knees are better than they have been in YEARS. I can see the bones again! The swelling is WAY down. Maybe I can avoid having them replaced -or at least put it off another year- just by having you heal them.
Thank you Shaman-Kalishakit!!!!!

Anandha Ray, Master Choreographer
California, 2014

Dear Kali,
So after an AHHHMAZING session this afternoon having you do muscle and energy work on my neck/back alot of things started to make sense. I noticed the more intuitive she got the more I was able to make sense of what this cycle was...or atleast part of it. My neck is swellin on my vagus nerve...which then is effecting my motility. As to WHY my neck is doing this...well mri is coming up. Super thankful and grateful for KaliShakti who immediately got me in today and not only did i get work done..i also learned a new mantra and some new breathing techniques for my manipura!

Dakini Director of Ajna Drops Ritual Arts in the Bay Area
California 2014

Wow to Kali & Gary

The Tantra~ Ganesha & Removing Obstacles workshop that pushed me so to the limit that I was completely drench in sweat then allowed my heart to open more creating more peace more strength and lessons to learn:). I sit in complete appreciation and gratitude ( some exhaustion) for the gifts given to me today by such beautiful teachers!

Lehlenia Du Bois
Arcata, CA, August 15, 2010

Theta healing:
was a tremendous moving in my soul. I have felt lighter and able to progress. There were energetic changes that went deep and I have a profound sense of well being from the realizations that Kali helped create.

Buddy Helm, World Re-known Master Drummer

Creator of HelmTone Protocols/Healing Drum Therapy


Santa Monica, CA

Kalishakti is my Reiki master and Yoga instructor.

My experience with her has been a mystical one. The power of Reiki and Yoga are great and KaliShakti adds an intense intuition and healing wisdom to both. Her yoga classes are flowing like dances, permeating beauty and elegance, while her meditation portions are relaxing and enlightening. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about our cosmic world and loves to teach it. She is a gifted healer and I am blessed to have crossed her path.

Candice Boles, Lake Worth, FL

December 2009


Kalishakti has been such a great part of my life these past few years.  Whether I needed a Theta Healing session that made me feel like all my worries were lifted or a fun and exciting Belly Dance session to get myself into shape.  Kali is an amazing teacher and she really cares about her students.  She has become a great friend of mine as well.  I have attended a few of her women circles as well and strongly recommended you try it out if you never have.  She inspired me to start my own circle with my closest friends.  The Women's Circle gave me a chance to make some amazing new friends and I learned a lot of new things on my spiritual journey.  You will have a great time with whatever session you attend with her.  I hate to see Kali move so far away, but I know she has many other lives to touch. I hope you are one them!


Talina Oblander, 12/2009

Lake Worth, FL

Kali came into my life when I really needed a change, needed support and felt that I was alone with all my troubles. At first it was just encouraging chats after yoga class, that lead me to continue seeking to be around her. The yoga classes had so much energy that I felt super charged when I was done, and I wouldn't want to leave, and she was always there for me.
Then I recall being invited to Kali's Women Empowering Circles, and thinking "What is this? What am I going to?". Once I finally opened up and decided to try it out, I felt at home. The circles were my sanctuary, the one place I truly felt at home and loved, all the women there were in a way connected to each other, and we all could relate. I remember moving the circle to the beach, and no matter how hard it was to make the time, and drive to the beach, I never wanted to miss it, specially when it was during the full moon! The energy and healing I got from the ocean, the full moon and the Women's Circle was just so grand that it changed the way I live my life today. Kali has been a wonderful yoga instructor, belly dance instructor and troupe sister and has also helped me with Theta healing. Kali has so much love to give, so unselfish that I can't see my life without having her as a friend.

Love you Girl!
 Pembroke Pines, FL

I love Yoga classes with Kalishakti. Her classes are intense, but structured so that students at any level can participate. I love the focus on strengthening as well as the  breathing excercises. There is an element of spirituality about her classes.And she always has the best music! 
I have had several Theta sessions with Kalishakti and I'll be back for more! I love how she is so
compassionate and able to tune in quickly to my core issues. She lets me begin the session with whatever physical or emotional issue I am having at that time and then can tune into the core issues and belief sytems that surround those. Some examples of work that we have done together are physical issues such as hip pain, which we were able to improve and emotional blocks that were keeping me from moving forward on my goals, which with Kali's help we have largely removed. These were long-held outlooks on life because of emotional traumas that were keeping me from moving forward. I feel that Kali is able to work on these energetically and also facilitate my awareness of it so I can release them. I have been able to make much more progress with my goals in life since my sessions with Kalishakti, without so much of the emotional inertia that I had been feeling. I would recommend this work with her highly to anyone who wants to improve their life.

Diana Law
 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Wow... Kali,
How can I put in words what you have done for me. They say people we meet in life our reflections of ourselves. If this is the case then you have shown me how beautiful I am because you are such a beautiful soul. I have also met other beautiful women in the Women circles who have taught me alot about myself. I saw myself in each story, from the mother who neglected herself; selflessly serving others to the 8yr old girl who just wanted to have fun and play!
You also taught me the silent power of yoga. How to make time from this busy and hectic world to stop and connect, refuel my soul. Without yoga, I live by default, I relinquish my power to chose how I want to live. You have taught me how yoga is not just a class but a way of life.
Kali, I can go on and on about how you have impacted my life, not only just by classes or circles, but also with your smile, your laughter, your courage. I love you so very much!
Janet Tamez

Dear Kali,
Thank you for your healing hands, hearts and energy. The Theta Healing I received stays with me, as I continue to go within and re-discover so much. When I see my graditude stone I think of you and the wonderfull energy you hold.
With Love & Light,

Angela Rusher
 Plantation, FL